Areas of application

Areas of application

  • Residential houses, apartment and vacation home complexes
  • Single and multi-family houses
  • Houseboats
  • Restaurants, hotels, guest houses
  • Club houses, buildings of water sports clubs
  • Marinas, harbor buildings
  • Commercial buildings and public buildings
  • Integration into overall systems for e.g. water cities, water-related urban areas or neighborhood concepts

With the ThermoGenius™ Water, geothermal energy contained in a nearby lake, sea, river, canal or other surface water can be used for building temperature control in an economical and environmentally friendly way. The system is suitable for both fresh and salt water and provides heating, hot water, and active and passive cooling without fossil fuels. Integration into heating/air conditioning networks is possible without any problems, even in the case of renovations or retrofits.

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Mode of operation / efficiency

Mode of operation / efficiency

The ThermoGenius™ can be used for both heating and cooling applications. In the deep layer of water bodies, the temperature is almost constant regardless of the time of day or season. Especially in this layer, the ThermoGenius™ can either extract the heat from the water for a heating application or add the heat for a cooling application.

The heat exchanger and heat pump make a total system. Just as with geothermal, any brine-to-water heat pump can be used. We recommend a variable speed heat pump as we have had the best experience with this.

The energy absorbed by the ThermoGenius™ from the body of water is transferred to the heat pump and into the building via polyethylene piping. In the heat pump, the heat or cold exchange takes place via the evaporator, so the free energy from nature is available for heating or cooling.

The efficiency is almost 90 percent (SPF* of up to 5, COP value of 5.1). In winter operation, the heating capacity is 22 kW at a water temperature of 5 °C (power curve examples can be found in our Fact Sheets and in our ThermoGenius™ Service Manual). If there is a greater power requirement, several ThermoGenius™ modules can be linked together in parallel circuits via a manifold. In summer, the water temperature can be used for cooling, with only the circulation pump operating in the case of passive cooling.
*SPF seasonal performance factor

Good to know: Our water heat exchanger has been field-tested by well-known heat pump manufacturers.

Advantages over other systems

Advantages over other systems

  • The ThermoGenius™ Water is, compared to previous competitive solutions, the fastest system to install.
  • Higher efficiency than conventional systems: in terms of space/area consumption to power ratio, the ThermoGenius™ Water heat exchanger is significantly more efficient than long hose solutions ("heat coils").
  • Safe system with closed system circuit of the process medium - welded connections.
  • Very compact design, significantly smaller footprint than other brine heat exchanger systems.
  • No electrical auxiliary heating required to prevent freezing.
  • In contrast to geothermal heat, no cost-intensive drilling required.
  • Installation also possible without the use of divers: the ThermoGenius™ Water floats independently and is simply anchored via stainless steel cables to a foundation at the bottom of the water at any depth (similar to an underwater anchor weight). Accessory kit
  • Quality product made in Germany, extremely robust and durable
Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Lakes, oceans, rivers, canals and other surface waters store a large amount of geothermal energy, which can be harnessed highly efficiently and economically using the ThermoGenius™ Water from ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH. Water as an on-site regenerative energy source saves heating costs, fossil fuels, CO2, reduces the burden on the environment and makes us more independent.

Our water heat exchanger is a compact, mobile system with minimal space requirements, which, when used properly, has no impact on the environment. It is a safe, durable quality product made in Germany. The heat or cold transfer runs in the closed system circuit of the process medium. The advantage: because no water is taken from the body of water, the official approval procedure is simple compared to other systems, e.g. geothermal probes. Especially since no drilling into the ground is required, as is the case with ground-source heat pumps or groundwater heat pumps.

All components are made of environmentally friendly, high-quality polyethylene, ensuring a long service life of at least 30 years. Upon request, we offer support with regulatory approvals for the ThermoGenius™ Water.

Authorization by the authorities / water pollution control

Authorization by the authorities / water pollution control

In principle, groundwater and spring water are considered to be common property and cannot be used at will, even if its source is on one's own private property. For this reason, the construction and operation of heat exchanger systems in surface waters requires a permit under water law in accordance with the Water Resources Act (WHG), which applies to all German states. In addition, state laws or ordinances and nature conservation regulations may have to be taken into account.

The water law permit must be applied for at the district administrative authority. This authority also provides information on the scope of the required application documents and on the course of the water law procedure. The district administrative authority can already involve the relevant specialist agencies in the consultation phase before the application is submitted. The prerequisite is that a sufficient planning description of the project is available.

The official approval procedure for the ThermoGenius™ Water heat exchanger system is quite uncomplicated compared to other systems, e.g. geothermal probes or groundwater heat pumps. It is a compact, mobile and closed system in which no water is extracted from the body of water in question, only the aquathermal energy stored in it. Moreover, no drilling into the ground is necessary.

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Additional information you will get in our Service Installation Manuals

Service Installation Manual ThermoGenius <sup>TM</sup>

Service Installation Manual ThermoGenius TM

Detailed technical information you will get in our Service Installation Manuals

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Cataloges ThermoGenius TM

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