ThermoGenius™ for Builders


Firmly anchored, easy to install

The small and compact ThermoGeniusTM heat exchanger is very easy to install in the water. For example, it can be fastened to piling, jetties, or quays—or alternatively, anchored to the bottom of the lake or river with a balancing weight. Its UV-resistant housing allows the ThermoGeniusTM to be used close to the surface and protects its inner workings against mechanical effects.
Please ask us also for the installation kit!

Water Heat Exchanger ThermoGenius™ - Spacesaving Solution

ThermoGeniusTM - technology in detail

Click here for additional technical details to support you in your planning, decision-making, and installation process.

Sound advice from the specialists

Speak to your energy adviser, installer, architect, and houseboat manufacturer. The experts will work out the optimal system set-up with all the necessary components.

Your contact

At ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics, we have a number of in-house specialists who are well acquainted with the ThermoGeniusTM water heat exchanger. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact Dennis Wagner.

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