Is cooling also possible with the ThermoGenius™ heat exchanger?
Yes, both variants, active and passive cooling are possible with the appropriate heat pump.

I need more power than 14KW, what now?
For larger buildings, it is possible to connect several ThermoGenius™ heat exchangers in parallel. In this way, several hundred KW of heating power can also be generated.

What government funding is available for the ThermoGenius™?
In most of the countries the ThermoGenius™ receives a state grant. In Germany for example from the Bafa organization up to 50% funding of the entire system is possible here.

How are the ThermoGenius™ Water water heat exchangers cleaned?
Due to the black outer shell, there is virtually no fouling inside the ThermoGenius™ Water. Nevertheless, we recommend annual maintenance and removal of any deposits.

What is the shelf life of a ThermoGenius™?
It is made of special UV and saltwater resistant polyethylene and is designed for more than 30 years in the water.

Who can support me in the planning and design of large-scale projects and integral planning of energy sources?
We cooperate with experienced partners in the field of renewable energy and can recommend our network partners here.